04 March 2011

Spring Fashion Update - Cape Clogs

I have been wanting clogs for a few seasons now. I finally found a company that imports Swedish clogs in styles that I love and can afford. So I clogged up and got these three beauties today.

I think they will cover all my clog fashion basics: a fun sassy floral pair, a brown pair and a gray pair. I think clogs may be my perfect footwear. Easy to get in and out of. Can be worn with or without socks. They are sturdy leather like a pair of good boots. As much as I love boots I find them all together too constricting for warm SoCal days. Ack! Can't wait to sport the new clogs. Thanks Cape Clogs and Scandinavia for making such beautiful footwear!


Briana said...

Love these! Clogs are forever! Lily has a pair of kiddie clogs from this company- poppyish bright pink with cream polka dots. They are to die for.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Sooo cute!!! I agree re the versatility of clogs in so cal...although I do love that we've been able to wear boots a lot this winter. If I could, I'd wear my riding boots and/or wellingtons and/or uggs all the time. Yes, sadly, I'm addicted (no need to worry so much about the color or texture of the legs ;) but clogs are a great warm weather alternative!

kalanicut said...

Got the clogs and they are fabulous. I highly recommend Cape Clogs. They have so many cute styles, the quality is great and they were comfortable immediately. The floral ones are a lot lighter than I imagined. I considered possibly taking them to a shoe shop and having them stain the wood dark brown to warm them up a bit. But maybe just wearing them and oiling the wood as needed will give it a nice aged patina in not too long. The bronze pair are gorgeous!

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