24 March 2011

When You're Five

After we got done with our birthday celebrations, eating delicious cake and opening a few presents the party continued in another room. As a way of introduction from left to right: Tortoro (Japanese cartoon character), Mollie the Boxer, Florida the Leopard (no she's not from Florida, she's from New Mexico -ha), Mariah the Reindeer hidden next to her, Harry the Octopus, Terry Triceratops, Wolfie the Traveler (she goes on road trips because she's small and easy to pack), Star and Shamu all surrounding Tiger.

Unfortunately our big adventure yesterday was cancelled due to bad weather, which was very disappointing. But we made the most of it and dressed up in our rain gear to walk in the pouring rain to the Library which closed early, just before we got there. It was much easier to walk the five blocks to the Library than it would've been to drive - probably would've taken us 20 minutes in the crazy traffic and we would've had to pay for parking.

So instead we walked to the thrift store. I am reading whenever I can now - which doesn't add up to much time but it's something I want to do for myself and it definitely helps me relax. So I bought three books and we got two great books for The Bug. I also bought a beautiful pair of little Japanese bud vases that will look so pretty with a lovely stem in them near my desk or the kitchen sink. Tomorrow I'll blog about what I'm reading. It's a link back to my fourth grade year and a reawakened passion of mine. Thanks so much for coming by.

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