09 March 2011

Fresh Flowers for Less Than $8 Per Week

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As I have journeyed to find my most authentic self, create a home that is welcoming, warm and well organized, I have been thinking a lot about the value of fresh flowers. Fresh flowers can be very expensive. But I've found a way to incorporate them into my life each week spending betwen $3.50 and $7.99 a week.

I have been very inspired by Holly Becker, founder of Decor8 and author of the much anticipated upcoming book Decorate: 1,000 Design Ideas for Every Room in Your Home, who always has some beautiful fresh flowers in her rooms. I know that while Holly is very successful at this point in her career, she is smart about her expenses and has worked fresh flowers into her regular budget for a while.

Another blogger who has inspired me to always have a few flowers around is Nina Holst of Stylizimo. I talk about both these bloggers quite a bit but it's because I think they both have so many inspiring ideas and so much that they share with their readers. Nina always has a few pretty flowers on her table and in her photos on her blog. From these two women I have been reminded that a few fresh blooms changes the entire feel of a home.

I have so enjoyed seeing my flowers each day. They are so good for the soul. I think it also helps us to appreciate nature each day. This past week the vase on my dresser, sitting in front of a window has created the most beautiful shadows and twinkled so beautifully in the dappled light from the blinds. So charming! I have a bud vase with one bloom at my bathroom sink, on my desk and kitchen window sill. Then I put the small vase on my dresser with the three or four blooms left.

I have been buying flowers at local farmer's markets, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. I realized there are lots of great fresh flower options that I can afford if I look for them. And they do completely change the way I feel in my home and about my home.


Kelly said...

Ok, I want to hear more about the $3.50 flowers. :-) Where do I go for that? I love fresh flowers, too - they make such a difference, but for some reason, when I'm at the grocery store clutching my little coupons I freak out and walk away. Argh.


A few weeks ago, I got two bunches of daffodils for $3 at Trader Joe's.

Glad your treating yourself to such a fun treat.


Anjelina said...


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