15 March 2011

Great Thrift Store Find - Anthro Lamp

When I first saw this heavy metal lamp it definitely jumped out at me. I envisioned painting it white or a beautiful orange for my room. When I got it home I became indecisive and the color started growing on me. I bought a white lampshade for it that I will likely dip dye - but I can't pick a color. It all hinges a bit on what kind of duvet cover I can find. I am still looking for something that is just right.

There are so many beautiful, very colorful duvet covers out right now, but super high energy colors and patterns are not what I want to go with on my bed. I'm trying to stay serene, with a nice contrasting pattern. Ideally chocolate brown with a white nature pattern of some sort. Having a tough time finding a dark comforter at the beginning of spring. May still make one myself.

But back to the lamp. It still has it's original Anthropologie price tag on the bottom and I paid about a tenth of it's retail value. A great deal and a nice sturdy addition to my home. I'll share the final results with you when I decide what will happen with this gem.

P.S. Happy birthday, Little Bug. Looking forward to big, exciting things this year and doing all I can to make it so. Love you! Thank you for loving me.


PollenJewelry said...

love lamps and love thirfting - that one is a score! Can't wait to see it in situ :)

Heather at Happy Chippy Junk said...

I'd sell it on ebay for TONS and get a cheap lamp to spray paint!

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