24 March 2011

Another Great Use for Egg Cartons

I have another 5 dozen egg pack from Costco in my fridge. When I bought it I started thinking about what I could use the cartons for. Initially I started saving pressed paper egg cartons thinking I could do something like make a caterpillar with The Bug. But then I started thinking more selfishly- haa-haa - and came up with all sorts of things I could use them for. My first project was this.

Yesterday when I emptied an 18-count egg carton, I was about to throw it into the recycle bin and I stopped and cut the bottom off to save. I set it on my desk for future use. Last night when I came in I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. It would make the most excellent desk drawer organizer for all the little things I keep on hand. I thought about painting it, but I think I like it best just in it's natural state right now. Then all my colorful office supplies can be the stars of the show.

Now I have a little place for everything tiny thing I might need at my desk, paper clips, bands for my hair, push pins, erasers, cloth to clean my glasses...it's all right here at my fingertips and in plain sight. This beats the $20 desk organizer I saw last week at the local office supply store by a long shot!

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