02 March 2011

Please Support the Westwood Farmer's Market

Last Thursday afternoon I was antsy to go out for a little inspiration, fresh air and a change of scenery - and I wanted some fresh flowers. So we planned a quick 30-minute adventure to the Westwood Farmers Market at the West Los Angeles VA Gardens. I was looking forward to the Farmer's Market, but we were totally surprised at how much more there was to do. We took a walk down a long trail where we crossed paths with a couple of photography crews and lots of beautiful nature. I took lots of photos.

We visited the Veteran's Garden Plant Sale and the Serenity Gardens Parrot Sanctuary. I was so thrilled to see there are programs for our dear veterans to have the chance to garden and help animals in need. The birds were hilarious. We tried to get them to talk so many times and as soon as we'd turn out backs we'd hear, "Hello!", "Come back!", "Okay." Totally cracked us up. There was something about this charming shed at the sanctuary that really caught my eye.

Ninety minutes into our adventure and we hadn't spent a dime yet. We shared a three-taco plate and lemonade for seven dollars at the large table area in the garden. This 'every Thursday' Farmer's Market is lovely. It's open noon to 5pm in the winter and stays open until 6 pm in warmer months. Parking is easily accessible and free. Some of my favorite vendors are there.

It's a small market but I would really love to see the community come together and build this market back up to the size it was when it was located in the center of Westwood. It was a wonderful market back then. It's quite a bit smaller now, but with increased attendance, the vendors will quickly follow! It's such a terrific spot for families or a lovely walk with a friend with some shopping and a fun snack to round things out.

So if you live in the area or are just visiting for the day you will enjoy a wander around the Veteran's Garden and the Westwood Farmer's Market. This weekly event is a community gem and definitely the kind of neighborhood gathering place that we need more of in the big city! I met Jen, the manager of the market. I know she would love your support and her heart is really into growing this little market.

You can learn more about the Westwood Farmer's Market here. On their Facebook page there is also some great content.  Hope to see you there on a Thursday soon.

all images by kalanicut

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