25 June 2010

Z Gallerie Spree

While visiting Z Gallerie I found a few items that were a great investment for the apartment refresh. Since I have gotten so many things on clearance or at thrifts I was ready to invest in a few new things. My biggest expense was this loving framed print - Gordon Paths. I fell for it immediately then walked around the store for an hour and still kept coming back to it.

When I'm making an investment in something for me or my home I try to gauge how much it really means to me by the yardstick question "will I still be thinking about it when I get home, tomorrow, a year from now?" It is so easy to get caught up in the moment and want things that you barely care about a day later which becomes another thing that owns you rather than you enjoying it. By owning you, I mean something you have to store, clean, take care of and at some point dispose of,  that doesn't really have any value to you -- this is a burden.

This painting somehow connected me to my time in New England this summer and all that played out while I was there. I loved the colors and knew they would be a good addition to what I already had at home. It is clean and modern, a direction my senses have been pulling to a bit this year and at the same time complimented my overall scheme and existing decor. I found a lovely spot for it in the dining area, a major focal point on for the east wall. I have not had one moment of regret and am happy I went for it.

The rest of my purchases have to do with the senses, the inviting sense of smell. The Man was immediately drawn to the Valencia Orange candles and potpourri. Even the word potpourri rings icky 1990s bells for me, but having a good smelling home is important. You always remember a home that smells lovely and inviting and you never forget a home that smells bad. The sense of smell has an incredible power over our memory making and can instantly draw us back into situations from the past.

I smile when The Man goes over and sits next to the orange candles and just takes a deep breath. They are gorgeous candles, three tall candles in a dark wood block candle holder.

Later I found the Pineapple potpourri. Love it! Thought it would be great to layer with the orange scents and would compliment well the polynesian/asian feel of the decor. It smells divine! The mixture of scents is warm, friendly and inviting.

For my room I picked up a Stella Mare Coconut-Guava diffuser. Sticking with the island scent family these are two more complimentary scent and continue to layer the scent throughout the home. The diffuser is a lighter scent than the two in the main living area and adds just a touch of femininity to the sleeping quarters. Loved the Stella Mare packaging! So gorgeous!

The perfect compliment to the pineapple and orange potpourri was this pretty bamboo laquerware bowl. It's hard to see the texture in this photo but it's earthy and milky and stands out so beautifully on a mocha table and full of bright orange, yellow and green potpourri. It was the perfect way to diffuse the delicious scents throughout the living room.

So the home smells fantastic and there's a new piece of art on the walls to start pulling the new look together. Things continue to come together. More on that in the next post.

I'd love to hear what you do to keep your home smelling fresh and delicious. Do you have any home remedies? Do you have particular brands and scents you are loyal to? Are you in search of something new? Converse, please feel free. You're comments and thoughts are a vital part of any great blog conversation.

Happy Weekend! Hope it's a wonderful one for you. I have big plans for the weekend. Working on projects around the home, two business proposals and to Santa Monica Fireworks on Saturday night with "CA Family." I may sneak in a movie and trip to IKEA in there as well.

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