28 March 2011

Thrift Find -- Japanese Bud Vases

I couldn't resist these little Japanese bud vases on my last visit to Goodwill. I have been buying flowers weekly and putting each individual stem in a bud vase around the house. This way I can enjoy a fresh bloom in the kitchen window sill, on my dresser, the bathroom counter, etc.

I think these were $2 each. From a distance they look white and simple. They get prettier the closer you look at them. I love the simple detailing.

And here is a very close up shot. Just goes to show that things can be admired from a distance and get even better the closer you get. Close up the pattern, texture and play of colors is much more intricate that one might initially assume from a distance.

These are a great addition to my collection which includes vintage medicine bottles, red glass bud vases, and a few chemistry set glass jars. I am not much of a girly girl but I love how feminine they are. They have a special place in my heart right now.

images by kalanicut

1 comment:

Kelly said...

These are really lovely. I'm always intrigued by thing that are different up close and far away. And it's great to hear you're keeping up with your fresh flowers!

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