23 March 2011

Game Night for Families of All Ages

It's so easy to get into a rut with your family activities. I find we can end up doing the same three or four things every week if I don't inject some creativity and fresh thinking into the mix. Board games are a great way to spend a night at home with your family without it being focused on the TV. Pop some popcorn, make a treat or something fun to drink and gather 'round the table. The Man bought CAMP at REI a few months ago.

The fantastic things about this game are: it's a great way to learn about all living things in the great outdoors, each card has questions on four different levels so that kids as little as 3 can play right along with very knowledgeable grown ups, and it's a pretty quick play if you want something to do before bed time.

CAMP is a product of Education Outdoors, Inc. and they a great fun collection of games with names like Snipe Hunt and S'mores. There are additional card packs for CAMP as well as a travel version. CAMP would make a great gift for friends, children and grandkids. Board games are a great way to spend time with loved ones and enjoy each other's company.

image from amazon

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