02 March 2011

A Fabulous New Friend

In the past year I have learned both the art and fabulosity (yes, I made up that word) of spray paint. It comes in so many amazing colors now and can make all the difference when dealing with projects that would be very challenging to paint well with a brush or roller. Like these chairs for instance. They were a dream to do with spray paint.

I also like to prime and put protective coatings on with a spray can. It's so much faster and these two processes don't ever need a pretty brush stroke.

Spray paint is scary to people but I encourage you to try it again, if it's scared you in the past. Following the directions and having a little patience made all the difference for me. Last week while working on the little gem of a headboard I bought a few weeks ago, I tried the Rustoleum Spray Comfort Grip and I am totally sold on it now.

I thought it might be hard to attach properly, no, it's a breeze. You push on the two grips, wrap them around the neck of your spray can and you are in business. And the best part, no finger or hand fatigue while I sprayed primer all over the new legs I had cut or the headboard itself. It was a breeze.

I thought the Spray Comfort Grip would be a one-use product. For some reason I envisioned that it would get all gummed up with paint and not be reusable. Not so. It's now tucked in my tool cupboard for many more uses. I got mine at Home Depot for less than $5 I think. It's a great investment piece if you're a DIYer.

I can't wait to use it again when the headboard is finished and I give it a nice glossy polyurethane coating. Of course, I'll the share the whole DIY with you here when it's done. Right now I'm still deciding how I'm going to embellish the headboard...there are too many fun options. See you soon.

image from Grainger


Briana said...

Thank you! Great tips and I'm for sure buying one of these.

Kar said...

I like spray paint!;)

cropfoto said...

my forearm was sore for a week after i spray painted one simple bookcase. wish i would have known about this! xo

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