29 March 2011

Spring Promises

Good Tuesday Morning to you! Hope it's a great day. Perhaps it's because we've had such a rainy winter here in SoCal this year that I am appreciating the signs of Spring more than ever. Last Thursday we went to the Westwood Farmer's Market on a cold rainy day. These beautiful daisies were not there last time we visited. These remind me of my mother's garden at our family home.

The purple of this blooming tree was so beautiful against the gray sky. This photos doesn't quite do it justice but the little purple blooms all over the branches were spectacular.

And just to remind us that we live in a warm, coastal climate, although we have not seen much of it this winter, the pretty birds of paradise brought so much cheer to a dreary day outside.

If you live on the Westside or are visiting Los Angeles, let me encourage you again to visit the Westwood Farmer's Market at the VA. It's a sweet little market that really needs the neighborhood support. It's a great place to grab lunch, fresh breads, flowers, vegetables and more. Plus there is a beautiful, long walking path, bird sanctuary and more. It's every Thursday afternoon.

Hope wherever you are, if you are coming out of winter, that you too are seeing the promises of Spring, warmer weather and more time out of doors.

1 comment:

lori parkhurst said...

I would love that farmers market. It sounds wonderful. I also love reading your blog!!! Keep u the great work!!

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