01 March 2011

Two Month Vision Board Revisit

Saturday night I sat down at my desk and began looking at my vision board, which is mounted directly behind my computer. I looked at the sofa I had glued on it and realized, Hey! That is already fulfilled! Then I started looking around again.

I can't remember which self-help/motivation book this came from but my a friend of mine told me once that just by uttering a sincere desire for something the whole universe begins to conspire to get it for us. I am amazed each year I make a vision board that things I put on my board in some way often end up just falling into my lap. You can read more about that here. That's not to say I'm not making lots of effort to make things happen in my life, but that some things come much more easily or sooner than others. Sometimes they do just come to us. 

Of course I did look long and hard for that sofa. I knew exactly what I wanted, I envisioned that exact sofa in my mind month after month. What I did not imagine however was the amazing price we would get and that it would be a sleeper - a comfortable sleeper at that! I put my wish out there and as usual got so much more than I imagined. That is often how God works. What we envision grandly for ourselves is usually only a minuscule version of the grand things He has in store for us.

Here's a great one for you. The Man bought a printer then decided he wanted one with more features and told me he was giving me the one he bought. He did not know a new printer was on my vision board or that I was planning to buy a new printer the week I got sick. It's perfect for my simple needs and it's just come that easily. 

So I decided to put a little sticky tab on every area where I have had some success or the item/task is already completed. At first it was just two or three. Then I looked again and realized how many more things had changed or happened in the past eight weeks.There are ten things I could legitimately say I have seen joyful progress or success with already this year.

Tonight I popped into The Container Store and redesigned my shelving unit for above my desk. Tax return will make that happen next week. Yes! I also found perfect but very unusually sized bulletin boards (5"x21") for my workspace. It's all coming together. Tonight I put 3 more sticky tabs on my vision board. You can see more of my 2011 vision board here. There is so much more year to come. I can't wait to see what will unfold.

Have you made your vision board for this year? If yes, have you revisited it lately to see what has come to you? If you don't have a vision board, have I convinced you yet what an inspiring and joyful experience it could be? I'd love to hear about your vision board adventures!

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