14 September 2010

Camera Bag for Big Girl Cameras

After the long quest to acquire my “big girl” camera I realized I didn’t have the appropriate bag to protect and extend the life of my camera as long as possible. I remembered seeing some really great camera bags make the rounds around the blogs and knew immediately that ETSY was the place to look first.

I found an amazing array of options, hundreds of different styles and color combinations. I was impressed and found several fabric bags that I liked quite a lot. Then I decided to do a search on the word “leather” and see if anything a bit sporty, earthy and adventure-y looking came up.

Then I found Porteen Camera Bags and I was stopped in my tracks. The prices were extremely competitive and the styles felt a bit more me that the playful, bright color combinations I had been looking at.

For my immediate needs I ended up buying a nice, very affordable Lowe bag that fits my needs like Goldilocks -- not too big, not to small but just right for my camera body and two lens. It’s simple, black, comfortable and works great for me. But I'm still thinking about these amazing leather bags!

There’s something about soft buttery leather that I adore. Above is my favorite bag and here is my favorite accessory - a case for memory cards.

I will definitely be revisiting this fab ETSY store again and I'm pretty sure I'll soon be sporting one of these gorgeous bags. Happy photographing and safe carrying of your best equipment!

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Pinecone Camp said...

Fantastic bag!! Since I have to haul around heaps of lenses, camera bodies and other bits and pieces, I need something huge and not attractive. However, for my little day trips this bag would be perfect. In fact, I don't know how I've lived without it! Thanks for the etsy tip.

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