19 May 2011

Kid Life Revisited

Yesterday I truly lived the life of a little kid, except for the fact I did a bit of driving the car. But the rest of the day I lived the carefree life of a child even though it was pretty chilly all day. I enjoyed an awesome sandwich that someone else made for me with all my favorite ingredients. Then we went to a super cool, giant park and rode our bikes a long, long way winding around and around in circles, crisscrossing the sidewalks and dirt paths. 

Then we put our bikes away and drank lots of water and had a snack. After that we went down the street to the store and bought a ball and a kite for seven dollars and headed back to the park. We played catch, then kicked the ball around for a long time and followed that up by putting our kite together and flying it for a long time. It was so windy that I was afraid the kite string would break.

By then it was dinner time and we went in to get warm and enjoyed a chicken, potatoes and vegetables dinner. After dinner we headed right back to the park since there was still daylight to be had. That's what you do as a kid, right? We ran round and round, even though our stomachs were full and it made us feel a little sick. We played catch, kicked the ball and flew the kite super high. We found whales, elephants, snails and cartoon characters in the big billowy clouds.

As the sun set, we were very cold, tired and ready to come in for the day. By the time we got in the door we were tuckered out. Cold and tired, everyone put their pajamas on immediately and jumped under blankets to get warm. We were all ready to crash hours before our usual bedtimes. This may explain why it's adults that have problems sleeping. When you are this active in a day, there is no doubt you will get an amazing night's sleep as soon as you hit the pillow.

Life can be very good as a kid. When is the last time you spent an entire day as a kid? You should try it! At the least you are promised a fantastic night's sleep and you'll likely do some things you haven't done in a long, long time. You also find your brain is occupied in play so you don't think about things that cause you stress.You'll find yourself laughing more, running in circles for good reasons instead of bad, stressful ones, spending time with people you like and looking up at the blue sky a lot more.  What would you do for a whole day if you had the chance to live like a little kid?


MD Interior Design said...

You are such a lovely mum. Your day sounds delightful!

Kelly said...

I am ready for some weekends like this! We do this a bit with our garden trips where we walk for miles exploring everything and come home completely tuckered out. I never thought about it this way, but you're right - it is a bit like reliving childhood. Except maybe I need sandwiches. :-)

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo fun!!! I actually just posted on this same topic, but with a slightly different twist. I think its so healthy to keep a childlike sense of fun and wonder. Great post! :)

Kar said...

Sounds soooo fun! Going to have to do this in the near future!

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