07 January 2011

Before & After - Bedroom Entryway

Unfortunately there isn't a before photo for this one, but just imagine a big empty space that wasn't really used for anything other than a large, frameless rectangular blackboard where I always have a motivational quote written and things getting stacked there on occasion. This is the entryway to my room and an unused space that I've been wanting to maximize for a while.

I like to have my bedroom door open and my room, minimally decorated and  very tidy and clean. It makes the entire living space feel more spacious. Here's a look at what my room looked like up until this afternoon. This is with the summer bedding on. The brown duvet folded at the bottom of the bed is the winter bedding.

Today I conferenced with The Man, who has a good eye for spacial harmony and a good sense of design, about maximizing the space in my room and making space for a work desk & my sewing table. Feeling a little cramped in this apartment, I am very motivated to make use of every space available while maintaining and open, flowing feel. We came up with a plan to shift my bed, move my dressers and move out a couple of small storage pieces. This would allow me room for a workspace that would include a narrow, long desk, my sewing table and two tall, narrow bookcases where I could store a few books I use regularly and my creative tools & supplies. Using the unused space in my entryway seemed the first step.

I started out by moving this dresser over to the space. Then I replaced the mirror and framed Japanese piece that were on the dresser previously. Next I added the plant and two of my favorite treasures this old lock and key jewelry box I found at a thrift store sometime in the past 10 years and my treasured little elephant I have had for at least 15 years.

When I got to this point I felt like there was still too much white space above it, that the Rule of Threes proportions weren't quite right. It felt like like the dresser and accessories on top were a bit too short. I considered getting some taller things, then hanging something above it. Nothing seemed quite right. Then I thought the perfect thing might be a little garland/banner swag.

Since the craft supplies are still in the living room from the holidays I took 15 minutes and made a little banner.
I think it worked just right. You can't see the lettering on the banner in the photo but I stamped the word balance on it. I like that it's barely visible, it's a quiet reminder to me to live in balance, which is my big goal for this year -- to give proper attention to all areas of my life.

Somehow the banner seemed to just pull it all together. It was a sweet little, feminine frame around the entire arrangement. The green pulls out the greens in the plant, box and knobs. The orange is the perfect accent to the dark browns, greens, white and dash of red in the box. 

Here's the finished product. When The Man returned and I had this all done, not only was he surprised that I hadn't waited for him to help move the dresser (I have a trick I'll share with you soon) but he gave the thumbs up on the arrangement. He doesn't totally get the banner but I get that. As he always says, "I'm just a guy." It's not a guy thing. But he likes the finished product. That makes me feel good.

I have to remind myself to stop and cherish this little project for a few minutes before I turn to the right and look at the room at large. Moving the bed and other dresser will be next. I am opening up the space for my desk and sending out a message to the universe to help bring it to me. I may have found it today, but I'm still considering my options. So excited about the reality of having my own writing space near a sunny window and a work/craft space that is well organized and easy to use.

So there's my latest design project. Excited to move forward. Hopefully by next week I'll have more projects to share with you. Isn't it a relief to have a weekend after the tumultuous, at times painful, yet exciting and joyful entry to the new year. Have a wonderful weekend! Rest up, it's going to be a awesome 2011!

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Kelly said...

You moved the dresser by yourself...? WHAT?! Girl, you've been busy this week!

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