12 October 2010

I Am Enough Today

Today's the day at I Am Enough collaborative. If you have a chance, please pop by. I'd love your feedback here on my blog or over there. I'm going to celebrate for a short moment today being in such good company with the impressive women over there.

Then it's back to reality and lots of things to do including the continued effort to be kind to self. I won't tell you about the conversation I had with myself about what a creative fraud I am yesterday. LOL. You'll share my laughter once you see what I wrote for I Am Enough

Have a fantastic Tuesday reader friends. You are wonderful, inspiring and lovely and don't let yourself tell you anything less.


Kelly said...

Loved your analogy about taking to your friends! I may have to borrow that one in my own life. We all do this, don't we? ;-) Good luck finding that balance -- you have a lot going on, so it's just step by step, right?


I appreciated reading your thoughts on the I AM ENOUGH site. It is such a great lesson to be kind to ourselves.


ELK said...

just popping over to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your essay ... you have a lovely space here as well..blessings ~elk

kalanicut said...

Thanks lovely ladies. It's women like you who inspire me to keep working to improve. :)

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