02 May 2011

Spend Time With Loved Ones Outside

Last week I had the chance to drive up the coast with The Man on a work errand for him and little adventure for both of us. It was amazing what a beautiful day we had together and what a relaxed, cheerful mood we both found ourselves in. This weekend after a glorious day at the beach, I thought There should be a fine assessed to anyone who lives within five miles of a beautiful beach and doesn't visit at least once a month. That is just a crime. Then I thought, well the same goes for anyone who lives near beautiful, tall mountains, green rolling valleys...and on and on my thought process went.

I will do almost anything to avoid putting photos of myself on my blog, but the photo above is one of my all time favorites. It is from a 2005 vacation and I was so relaxed, happy and peaceful. I was in great shape (working out in the outdoors 5-6 days a week) and had been outside near a beachside pool floating, laughing, singing and enjoying three dear friends for an entire week while staying in a lovely beach house.

Since that time, one of those friends died very suddenly, another has faced cancer and family crisis and the other moved away and has faced her own personal tragedies. I have seen a few real lowpoints myself. It reminds me that happy days should be appreciated and when it seems they are too far gone, they will return again. There has been recovery and new joy despite the challenges and losses.

There should be a fine assessed to us when we do not take the time to be outside and to be surrounded by people we love. I guess there is when we do not take advantage of what a beautiful world has been created for us and we do not take time to revel in it. We really do pay a price in so many ways (mental well-being, physical health, etc.) for not taking time for ourselves and enjoying time outside.  Just being outside reduces stress.

I'm going to do all I can this summer to avoid paying the penalties for not enjoying the beautiful surroundings I live in and time with loved ones. Our days are precious and numbered. We must make the most of each one.

image by Suzie B.

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Kelly said...

We spent a lot of time outside this weekend, too. It was like a little preview of the summer! The smell of sunscreen made me so happy. :-) Glad you got outdoors to enjoy it, too.

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