06 October 2010

Autumn Hues for New Fall 2010 Necklaces

Yeah! Finally, I got out my beads and had a little fun. Here's what I whipped up last weekend. There are actually five necklaces here. There are three necklaces gathered together with the smallest beads. Here are a few quick details from the large shot starting from the left.

1) This necklace was made from a parts of a necklace I picked up at Goodwill. The smaller beads are from the original necklace and the wood and turquoise beads are from my collection.

2) The middle piece is made with velvet ribbon, a broach I had in my collection that I never wore and the large beads are from also from a thrift store necklace I bought last year.

3) The third is a grouping of three strands. One is turquoise and silver with the large faux stone at the bottom. The large "stone" is also from a thrift store necklace I purchased. The second strand is brown with just a small one-inch section of green, clear and turquoise beads on the middle left side. The third is a multi-colored strand of brown, green, clear and turquoise. I like them all together, or the turquoise all alone, or the brown and multi-colored strands tied in a lose knot near the bottom.

So that's just a little peak at the lovely new pieces I'll add to the wardrobe this Autumn. Hope you are enjoying the transition into Fall!

What are you adding to your wardrobe this year? Are you doing a total overhaul or being conservative and only adding a few key pieces. What are your favorite brands and looks now that you can layer a bit?


Christy Cropper Photography said...

Super cute!

Sandra said...

Such Beautiful works of your hands and heart! Like you, when I want new jewelery, I head to the studio and make it -smile-.
Thanks for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; you're always welcome here.

Abby said...

Gorgeous! I love the colour combo you've chosen. The one with the ribbon is beautiful, I love it!

Your blog is looking fab, too :)

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