29 April 2010

Dear Warner Home Video...

This post was initially going to be about how fantastic the Ali MacGraw: Yoga Mind and Body is. It was recommended to me many years ago and I first owned the VHS version, then later when it came to DVD I upgraded. I have to say that not only is it a fantastic workout it is also visually beautiful. I have been doing a wide variety of workouts the past couple of weeks and I have to say that this yoga video really worked all my muscles, I was good and sweaty when I got done and it gave me a sense of connection and at-one-ness with my body that I haven't gotten from the gym, walk-running, swimming or biking. I need that.

The most impressive thing about this video/DVD is that it looks as beautiful, hip and cool as it did the day it hit the market in the 90s. Nothing about it looks aged or dated in style or philosophy. It is truly ageless. That is the first thing that really impressed me this week when I started doing this program again.

Now here's where things turn crazy nuts. My DVD was stuttering and stopping. I don't know what happened to it, but I decided I needed to get a new one. So I went online to Amazon and this DVD, which it out of production is now selling on for $155 new and $147 used! On ebay it's priced at over $200! Can you even believe that?! I checked every other site I could find that reportedly sold it (for less than $10 mind you!) and every single one reported it was out of stock. I was stunned and annoyed to say the least.

It is available on VHS for $2-ish, which I may break down and buy, but if this DVD is now worth that amount of money, I'm just going to suggest that the Warner Home Video get this DVD back into production. Producing DVDs is cheap, cheap, cheap and there is clearly still interest in this fantastic yoga program. In the meantime I am going to first scour the DVD section of every Wal-Mart, Target and Goodwill I can find. I just refuse to pay $200 or even $155 for this DVD. If I get that desperate I'll just buy 50 copies of the $2 VHS version. Surely they would last longer than one DVD anyway.

So good yoga-ing everyone. It's lovely, so great for the breathing, the body, the soul. Just the breathing alone removes toxins and stress from the body. If all you do is the breathing you are taking a major step for the health and wellness of your sweet body!

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Jennifer said...

Don't forget to also try pawn shops in your search. A very, very long time ago I wanted a VHS copy of Back to the Future (which was out of print) for a b-day gift. I looked everywhere and ended up buying it for $3 in yup a pawn shop. So . . . ya never know! Jennifer :)

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