03 September 2014

Now Is My Time #33: A New Vision Board

A little peek at my new Vision Board. I've been working on it a few minutes at a time over the past few weeks. Being able to make creative use of small increments of time may perhaps be one of the greatest things I have improved on since I started this year.

I think when you make a vision board it does take some time, often weeks, to pull it all together. I start by making a list, then looking for images, then sizing them for the board, then arranging them and finally gluing them down.

2014 was meant to be the year I really started putting a very clear focus my well-being and happiness as the first priority in my life. I call it Now Is My Time. It has been a fantastic experience, but I can't say I've mastered it all yet. But life never seems to get mastered, does it?

You master something and then as soon as you get good and sure of yourself the entire game changes and suddenly you're left figuring out the new rules, floundering and missing what was. What a journey this life is!

I have learned that things go much better when I put my wellness and joy first. If I'm feeling crummy and joyless what do I have of value to give to anyone else? I have also learned it doesn't take a ton of time to take good care of myself.

I just have to learn to be more focused and make that time for myself from all the lost and undervalued bits of time during the day. Such a great lesson. There IS enough time in the day. And if there are things getting in the way, they can be discussed.

Last week The Man and I were having a great conversation about something I wanted to accomplish. I mentioned that when things from his "plate" get moved to my "plate" it makes it harder for me to accomplish those goals.

He smiled and exclaimed dramatically, "Well you're just going to have to tell me to stop that and that it's totally unacceptable." I laughed and loved that answer -- and you can be darn sure I can't wait to use his suggested response. This was a productive conversation for us both. Onward and upward.

I have been making Vision Boards for several years now and it has been a tremendous experience. My life has definitely changed for the better because I am creating and then acting on that vision I have for my life. I'll post links to other vision board posts below so you can check those out if Vision Boards interest you.

I am really excited about my new Vision Board and seeing my direction forward in full view every day. It encourages me, motivates me and makes me feel happy and good about my life today and where it is headed. Somehow, having a clear vision of where you are going is very comforting and makes the way you act on things every day easier to decipher.

I would love to hear how you are using Vision Boards in your life or if you're interested in making one. Or is there something that holds you back from making one? That is a very interesting conversation too.

Vision Board 2013: This post has a link to several other Vision Board posts.
Make A Family Vision Board: This is another great adaptation of a vision board and a great family activity. Here's how we made one as a family that still hangs on the back of our door.

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