07 January 2011

Sneak Peek at My 2011 Vision Board

Since there was some interest in the vision board I was making I thought I would take a few photos to share with  you. There are some areas of my vision board that of course are quite private but there are plenty of areas I can share.  For my vision boards, I use the basic office supply store foam core. The foam core gives them more sturdiness than poster board which I like - they don't get droopy. Tools needed are a stack of magazines and photos, a pair of scissors and glue. I use a regular glue stick.

The above photo is front and center on my vision board. If I could imagine myself feeling something particular this year it would be the unfettered joy of standing on a swing, singing at the top of my lungs - in a cape and pink boots of course!

This section is about physical wellbeing and wanting to feel  most authentically me which includes exercise, gardening, good food and great clothes. Above this section on my board is a section about home and travel adventures. You can see it below.

One of my favorite sections this year has to do with home, organization, work space, needed new furniture, and the way I want my home to feel when I walk into it.

I added a few phrases and little touches that speak to me. I like the idea of having lots of angels around me this year. There are some people I love dearly who are on the other side now and I think of them often and miss them terribly.

Good things are coming in 2011 - can you feel it - and this is exciting. I am trying to remember that I need to ask for the things I want. No one can read my mind. It's all about having the courage to speak my desires and let big things come.

Do you love vision boards? Are you making one this year? Have they been a part of your life for years? I'd love to hear from you, feature your vision board or your experience with vision boards here. Hope you get a vision board of your own this year!


Kelly said...

Yay Kalani! Thank you for sharing a little peak into your vision for 2011. :-) I admire your courage -- and now I'm always going to picture you in pink boots and a cape! You have me inspired to go find some magazines...


Looks like you have had some creative fun, Kalani.


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