12 July 2010

Road Trip Therapy

I love a good road trip occasionally. My road trips usually consist of some sing-a-long time, quite contemplation time, scenery enjoyment time, a lot of water and very few stops. If I am road-tripping with others the only things that changes is more stops, LOTS more stops, but that's okay.

One year my sister and I learned and sang the entire soundtrack to Annie Get Your Gun while driving home during the middle of the night. When traveling alone I sometimes do books on tape. But the best benefit to a road trip I find is time to clean out the mind a bit, to contemplate future plans, dream up solutions to challenges or just let the mind empty itself of worries and stresses. I find road trips incredible therapy.

Most of all, today I just enjoyed how gorgeous the vistas were. Thank you God for creating such a beautiful world and giving me the chance to enjoy it!

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