01 July 2010

Man Shops Globe Is Back!

Man Shops Globe Premieres on Sundance Channel

How did I miss the note about season two of Man Shops Globe premiering last night on Sundance Channel? Keith headed off to Thailand, one of my best travel experiences ever!

They are marathoning the show on Sundance Channel today, so I'm guessing it will air again today some time and you can catch the episode anytime online at the web site. Say goodbye to your embarrassing reality shows and watch something with quality and style, that you can legitimately learn something useful from! This is a show you won't be embarrassed to say you watch.

Raise your TV viewer profile to a higher level this summer and get on board with Man Show World. Each week I'll write up a bit of analysis and review on each episode. This will be fun!

Man Shops Globe airs Wednesday nights at 10p on Sundance Channel. Happy Viewing!

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