01 July 2010

A Few More Steps Down the Road

On the projects, here's what I accomplished today. First thing in the morning, I made a trek to Deseret Industries downtown to drop off yet another load of donations. On the way back I listened to talk radio -- a couple of different shows on relationships and I learned quite a lot and had plenty of time to do it since traffic was bad and it took about an hour to do the 16 mile drive. I've been thinking about the things I heard all day.

I finished the pelmet box and hung it. I used 3M picture hanger removable hook & fastener strips. Worked like a charm! Also hung the little leftover fabric piece, have not yet found the right thing to add to it, but it's artsy on it's own. Looks great on the wall just outside the bathroom with the pelmet box at the back of the bathroom. I'd show you a photo, but after an extensive photo shoot trying to get the lighting just right, I deleted all but the photo above from my camera, thinking I had saved them on my laptop. I'll get a better shot of the room and post it soon.

Bought another yard of the above fabric for the kitchen window. Lemons are OUT, modern stripe floral is IN. And it looks good. So everyone was right on that one. Should be a pretty easy project since I am just going to make one flat panel that will hang from a small tension rod between two cupboards. I'm invisioning something crisp and starched.

This fabric really has all the colors from around the living and dining areas which are all one big open space, and it's great to see pieces of art, candles, furniture, upholstery fabrics and other accents reflected and drawn together. Wasn't trying for that but it made total sense when it came together. I do still love that lemon print though and will find something to do with it.

While I was at the fabric store I popped into the bead section for a few minutes and began to salivate. Have been percolating ideas for some jewelry and purses lately....hmm. When I was in NY I was so pleased to see a friend wearing a necklace I had made for her several years ago and I have been itching to make some things.

As part of my houseplant quest I got all but one of my new houseplants out of their garden center plastic pots and transplanted into their beautiful new homes. Bring on the cleaner air! Of course I ran out of soil, needing just a few cups more on the last pot. So it will have to wait until another trip to the hardware store. I also made a English Ivy topiary -- which says Danish cottage window to me.

I can't tell you how many homes had these in their windows with a candle in the center when I lived there. They were gorgeous against the white washed homes with dark brown timber trimmed windows. Ah, makes me dreamy just thinking about that. Now all I need is a good danish pastry in my hand and a rickety 40 year old 3-speed bike parked next to me to go along with that and I would be in heaven.

I used some heavy gauge, raffia covered floral wire, which was new to me, to build the oval topiary frame and to  stake it down into the pot. I like how easy that was to do and how nice it looks. Much more stylish than plain old wire or coat hanger. In a big white pot, my new Danish topiary friend looks grand on a mahogany table with green patterned curtains behind it. I may have to give her a good Danish name like Lotte, Kirsten, Vibeke or Mette. (This will be QUITE funny to friends from the DK period of my life).

I also hung my new art piece titled My Tribe in the living room between the fireplace and the TV armoire. It's made from hand-torn paper. It's something I've been doing since college days and have really enjoyed creating all sorts of pictures out of torn pieces of paper. This particular piece is a daily reminder to me of what I'm working for and have been blessed with -- that we're all part of a tribe that we should contribute to and serve. Here's a glimpse.

It's hard to tell in a two-dimensional photograph but the papers are layered on top of each other at varying heights. This is styled particular to my style and tastes, so it's simple with a little twist. If you would like to have your own tribe and style captured in torn paper art, contact me for very fair pricing. I'll dedicate a full post to this soon.

That's all for now. Sending best wishes!

Cottage photo via
All other photos by me


Kar said...

Love the torn paper art! Somehow I missed this post along the way! Sooo cool! Also, I'm planning on making a pelmet box using your instructions for my office/craft room. It's time to get that room looking decent. I'm a little gun shy about what fabric to use. Since I will be glueing it as well. I was thinking Thomas Paul for the fabric but I would be sick if I was glueing it on the foam core and the glue bled through. What would you suggest? Thanks a bunch!

kalanicut said...

I used glue because I had a double layer of fabric - it was a two sided table runner. If I was you, I wouldn't use glue, I would use a staple gun with short staples - smaller than the depth of your foam core. I'm pretty sure that's what Little Green Notebook did with hers.

That way you can re-adjust the fabric at you go. If you pull it tight it will look fantastic and you won't have to glue it on.

Another plus is if you change your mind later or want to update you can just unstaple the fabric and you still have your basic foam core base!

Staple guns are fun and just another one of those fun tools for the creative girl's tool chest. I inherited mine from my grandfather. I treasure it.

Kar said...

Thanks Kalani! I didn't even think about using a staple gun!

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