21 July 2010

Home Goods Mirror Tour

Lots of great mirrors at Home Goods right now. Here's a quickie tour. They had some of the most fantastic table lamps I've seen around as well. Great place to browse if you need stylish things for your home at great prices.

It's no secret that a well-placed mirror can make a room look more open, brighter and larger. Why go with a boring rectangle framed option when there are so many fresh, eye-grabbing options available at comparable prices?

This is a fun twist on the sunburst clocks and mirrors that are so popular right now. This just had a little more detail and personality that I've seen at comparable prices.

Imagine this making a fantastic statement in a charming front entry.

This classic would work well in a variety of settings.

This has sleek and modern written all over it. The square and round motifs give it a warm softness that is often hard to incorporate in a cold straight lined modern style.

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