02 July 2010

Before and After - Cane Chairs

Here's a little BEFORE and AFTER for a holiday weekend kickoff! Bought these ugly beat up old chairs, two of them, at Goodwill last year. I was thinking I'd paint them some fabulously bright color, white or bright yellow or orange and then put some small print or microfiber suede on the seats.

In the end I didn't paint them. I oiled them up but good with Olde English Oil, my new friend. After two coats of the oil designed especially for dark furniture, the wood on these chairs looked gorgeous. Then in another twist, I didn't go with a nice little print, but after some hunting everyone agreed they needed something BOLD.

So here's bold! And I love it. I found woven pillows hidden away that look just perfect sitting against the backs of these two chairs. They are the first new updates to the living room that are in place somewhat and they call out as a beacon of hope that soon the living room will be refreshed and looking welcoming and fabulous! Hooray!

Project Costs:
Chairs -- $14 each chair = total $28
Fabric --  $33
2 pillows, not pictured -- $0 (a gift)
Old English (which will last me for YEARS!)

Total Cost: $61

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