05 July 2010

Time for a Check-up

Now that the long holiday weekend is coming to a close, I'm realizing that 2010 is half over! Can you believe that?! Amazing. Where has it gone? My year has been unbelievably busy and taken some incredibly surprising turns. It's been a lesson in not getting too attached to plans, expectations or things as they are. I'm learning to never be too tied to how I imagine things will unfold or certain outcomes.

When life is so unpredictable it may seem counter-intuitive to try to work towards specific goals and progress. But I believe that no matter what comes, we need a focus, goals, a path we want and see laid out before us. Yes, life will turn us in other directions, paths we want to follow may close to us, people we depended on may no longer be there for us, but to truly feast on life's richness direction, the pursuit of excellence, progress and noble living are necessary.

Setting goals allows us to commit ourselves to a disciplined path of personal progress and become the best, most evolved person we can be. As we do this while watching and listening for signs of direction in our life we can continue to grow, learn and have experiences we never would've imagined.

It's time for a half-yearly check-up! I'm looking at the goals I have set for who I want to be, for this year, for the past quarter and going forward. It's a great time to evaluate where I am at, what's working, what needs course correction and to redirect my focus towards my hopes, dreams, responsibilities and duties.At the halfway point it's a great time of year to evaluate how 2010 is going and make any course corrections to get where you want to be at the end of it.

Are you up for a check-up? Where are you headed this year? Are you well on your way? Are you changing your path? Are you rethinking things or steamrolling ahead? I wish you all the best in your pursuit of excellence.

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