12 July 2010

Fun Family & Fun Projects..What Next?

It's been a long, long time since I've had the freedom to spend some significant time visiting my family. One of the best parts of my visit this summer has been impromptu creative projects. One evening, my sister and I made a quick trip to the Home Depot garden center and then cleaned out an entire flower bed and replanted a lovely new palette of pink and white lillies and white daisies. It was fun working together and made the work quick and easy. I miss warm summer evenings with light until almost 10 p.m. This was a nice way to spend an evening with one of my best friends.

Then I spent a few days with the parents. Mom and I on a whim decided to whip up a headboard. I'll post all the details later today. It was a great addition to her room and a fun and easy project. It was great to leave their house having done something nice for them.

Now I am at sister #2's house. I was going to just spend a quick night here, but then she mentioned she only had to work for four hours today and hinted that maybe I could stay an extra day and do some projects with her. Well, shoot, how can I say no. I figured the chance to live this flexibly and spend high quality time with my family doesn't happen often, so I'm stayin'!

Project time starts in about three hours, what will we do today? Can't wait to find out. In the meantime she worked on my blog for about 3 hours last night and helped with a few upgrades I wanted to make. She's lovely, creative and oh, so easy-going. A delight to spend time with. If it wasn't so blasted hot here, I might just stay forever.

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