22 July 2010

Charming Swedish Clocks

I don't know when I first fell in love with Swedish floor clocks but there is something amazingly charming about them. I love that are tall and stately, rounded and feminine, strong and bold. I find creating a palate of varying furniture heights is always a challenge and these gorgeous clocks bring a tall AND curvy element to larger pieces which are so regularly giant rectangles (bookcases, armoires, etc.)

These babies don't come cheap, close to $2,000 for originals. I remember that I once saw a designer make a very simple version of one of these clocks on a home fix-up show once but haven't been able to find it online. There have to be some more modern options out there. But for now, enjoy these classic old gals. The basic pine are so gorgeous. I love the painted white ones too. And you can always find a few with ornate painted details too. It's amazing how each one has simple and unique detailing.




A gorgeous pine Swedish floor clock is on my wish list, one of these days. Doesn't have to be an original antique, just something fitting the look and style. With any luck, one day I'll run into just the right gal at just the right time.

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Lindsey said...

I just found your blog via twitter:) I really like your style! Thanks for sharing all these inspiring photoes:)

Grandfather Clock Now said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I also love the look of these clocks.


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