29 July 2010

Visual Snacks and Inspiration

I don't spend much money frivolously. I bargain shop for groceries, plan out my wardrobe purchases and update 2-3 times per year. I'm really avoiding impulse and entertainment shopping. I thrift shop most of my home decorating materials. Every once in a while it's fun to get a little treat of some kind. Food is not something healthy to reward oneself with. So I was thinking today, what can be my reward?

Tonight I decided to spend a few dollars on some magazine inspiration. Each one spoke specifically to some goal or objective I have in my life. One highlights charming little neighborhoods around Southern California. I've made it a goal to do day trips and be a tourist in my own town.

Another is all about coastal style home makeovers. Some good inspirations there for my island inspired home and the little dream cottage of my future. Yet another is all about decorating small spaces, which I'm doing a lot of right now. And lastly one is just all about summer living decor, food, and creative projects.

These are a few good treats I'll enjoy for a few weeks to come. I love having a magazine to browse when I have a few free minutes and I love the inspirations I get from them. A great little investment now and again. Each one cost about the same as one fast food drive thru, one fancy drink at Starbucks and will last much longer. When you are craving a treat that won't break the bank or put pounds on your hips, try an inspiring magazine.

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