27 July 2010

Sit and Stare If You Need To

Some days, after periods of immense stress, hard work or busy travel the body just sits down and doesn't want to move. You try to get up and get to your To Do list, wander around aimlessly and find yourself sitting down again...staring off into the distance. You're barely even thinking....you're just sitting.

It's always good to be productive, to be a go getter, but this feeling, the sitting and staring feeling, is the body's and mind's way of telling us, "Hey you need to slow down...really slow down." It's a feeling to should be honored and respected.

I remember reading a long time ago that mental breakdowns come from overwhelming our systems. Our bodies can only take so much stress and then our mental health will begin to break down. These breaks are not always possible to heal. We must tend to our mental well-being just as we do our physical well-being and all the people we love.

So when you feel you need to sit and stare, and it's possible, realize the respect and honor you are showing your body, mind and soul when you allow yourself to sit and stare for an hour, an afternoon, a day or even a week if necessary. You bless yourself by this small act of self care. Even plan a little sit and stare into your schedule on a regular basis. Your mind and body need rejuvenating rest and sitting and staring are one valuable way to do that.

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