14 July 2010

New Leaves

This morning I can't stop thinking how incredibly blessed I am that this summer has been the most inspired period ever. I have been on fire with creative thoughts and have had the time and ability to make them happen. I have so many projects spinning around in my head. I have home projects to finish, writing projects to complete and new ones to start, I'm itching to make some jewelry and more torn paper art.

I'm glad that with each new day I have the chance to turn over a new leaf whether it be a new project, a new idea about who I want to be, or a realization of some small way I can be a better person. There is something about feeding one's creativity that causes one to think deeply about who they are and what they want to be -- how they express themselves in every way, on every level. I love the daily evolution.

I am very grateful for all the creative souls who share their art and thoughts with the world. I admire so much their courage, drive and the inspiration they so freely share. I am happy there is the technology that makes sharing so easy. The creative community is such an amazing place to feed the soul and I am so grateful to be just one tiny, tiny, tiny little piece of it.

What are you grateful for? What is inspiring you? What ignites your creativity?

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