27 July 2010

You CAN Live On One Income -- Part Two

If you dream of staying home with your kids and living off one income, it's part two of a weeklong series today on learning to live on one income. It's doable. Today we're hitting the kitchen and meal planning.

Kitchen and Food Planning
  • Shop weekly sales flyers from local stores and buy bulk when it's cost efficient
  • Join your local grocery store rewards program
  • Cut coupons and look for weekly on-shelf specials
  • Plan a weekly menu based on sale items. You'll save money by only buying what you need.
  • Create a dinner share program with nearby friends/neighbors
  • Share bulk purchase costs with friends
  • Stock up on favorite items during 2-for-1 sales
  • Make your own baby food and buy snacks in bulk then put in small reusable containers
  • Join a local community garden and raise some of your own food
  • Join a farmers co-op for weekly fresh deliveries
  • Make and package small servings of your favorite snacks. Have things easily available in the kitchen.
Saving money and focusing more time on what you eat will help your family eat more healthily. You might even lose that 10 pounds you put on sitting at your desk.

Get your kids involved in bargain shopping and cooking and cleaning with you.Things they need to know! They will be more willing to try new foods when they help prepare them.

Your time and teaching will pay off big time in help from them and they will need these skills when they hit adulthood. You don't want to have to cook and clean their house every time you go to visit the grandkids!

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