20 July 2010

Rescue Plan for Organizational Burnout

This is not a terribly attractive sight. This is where I stood a couple of nights ago. Believe it or not I made this mess in a couple of hours just emptying out and sifting through one closet.

Since my childhood I have memories of losing interest and steam in such activities at about the 80 percent completion stage. You're exhausted and it sounds better just to light the place on fire than push through to the end.

After several weeks of on-going house reorganization and redecorating projects, I have hit the wall. So I decided to come up with a list of baby steps I could take to get this room cleaned up. I should be done with all major reorganization projects once I get this all put away. Thanks goodness!

So heres how I started my list. Maybe this will help you the next time you get bogged down cleaning and reorganizing a room.

The List
1) Put away all paper crafting items
2) Put away bag of reusable bags and my laptop box
3) Put away remaining pieces of fabric, patterns and sewing related items
4) Put away all books
5) Put away all magazines
6) Put away all paper documents for storage
7) Put away all work documents for storage
8) Put away all framed art that needs to be stores
9) Find a place for small box of easter stuff
10) Go through white file box (last one!)
11) Put away all shoes and sports equipment
and so on......

I made each item something I can do either in a few seconds or minutes. Long list, but faster gratification. Breaking it down into bite size pieces makes me feel I will start seeing progress quickly. Here's to a quick completion of my work.

Follow up: Whew. That was...well, not that much fun. But here's a good After photo for you. I have a few papers on the table and ottoman that will be put away shortly. This is the living room with the furniture stacked willy nilly until I get the new couch in.

Things are coming along. For the living room my final two goals are 1) Clean the carpet, 2) Get the couch. Okay 3) is rearrange the furniture and make it look snazzy.

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