08 July 2010

Pier One - Delicious Pillows & Decor

Made a visit to Pier One today for a browse. They had a wall of delicious pillows in gorgeous colors, a wide range of upholstered and rattan chairs, and some fun candleholders. I'm still thinking about these candleholders, one of them may have a new home on my mantle.

Now that I have most of the basic, larger pieces in place for my living room redo, I'm thinking about that critical last 20 percent of the process. The part where everything gets pulled together. It happens to so many of us, we get the big pieces and have too many tiny pieces and the room just never feels pulled together. It doesn't pop or gel all together. The final leg of the journey is such a challenge. That's where I have my eye right now.

I think I have chosen my new sofa, and I will probably need one nicely upholstered chair to complete the big pieces. Then it's a matter of pulling it all together....a rug, pillows, plants and decor. This is where it gets difficult to balance colors, patterns and prints. Where you can go too far or not far enough.

So I'm trying to be both brave and cautious, to think things through, act bravely in the right moments. That has led me to buy a pillow and two new lamp shades this week. I'll keep pushing forward to pull it all together and have the courage to make it all it can be without going off the rails.

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