19 July 2010

It's Rodeo Season and I Need These Boots

Okay it is high season for rodeos across the Western U.S.- particularly my home state where you could hit a rodeo every weekend from June to September. However, I am nowhere near a rodeo arena. I don't need these boots. But I fell HARD for these girls the moment I saw them in the lastest Sundance Catalog. They are everything I think a good, girly cowgirl boot should be!

In my dreams I would wear them to a cowboy gathering of some sort at The Pioneer Woman's ranch, eat homegrown BBQ and look at Wranglers. Haahaa. I was never the Wranglers type, but I could be if it was required.

Too too bad there is not a gift-gettin' holiday of any sort in my future until Christmas....Aww, Shucks.

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