28 July 2010

Great Kid Mispronunciations

One of the cutest things in the world is the way kids between two and four years old pronounce words.  I’ve been keeping a list of great mispronunciations I’ve heard the past couple of years and here are a few of my favorites with translation.

Understorms as in “I hate lightning and understorms.”
Hanga-burger  as in “Hanga-burger & frwies.”
Strada-berries (strawberries)
Tadamas  (PJs)
Elagator  “the thing you ride between floors in big buildings”
Statue of LIV-erty
Flit-flots (for the feet)
Beklauz as in “beclauz I said so”
Banoons (balloons)
Menmanade (lemonade)
Woofeses (wolves)
The Horse of July (our nation’s birthday)
Embellopes (Antelope)
Lye-rovi (Library)

I’m sure you have some great ones too! What are some of the classic kid words you loved in your family growing up or with your kids now?

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1 comment:

Mandy said...

My friends daughter would always call us "maeycrishun" for Mandy and Christian. It didn't matter which one of us she was talking too, that was our name :)

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