19 July 2010

The Cost of Convenience

We're all a little more careful about our budgets these days. Here's a little reminder about the outrageous cost of convenience. I like baby carrots, I like little bags of baby carrots because I can grab them and go. The cost of convenience is $1.99 for six ounces of carrots.

Up a shelf from these convenient carrots you can find a two pound bag (that's 32 ounces) of carrots for $1.79. That's right, twenty cents less for more than four times the weight of carrots. Plus you can also use these carrots as a vegetable a couple of nights a week, put carrot shavings in salads, on tacos and more!

Would it kill anyone to get a few tiny resealable bags or use little reusable food containers and cut up a bunch of carrots and package them up in single servings on the weekend for the coming week?

The grocery store reflects some of the greatest inflation of costs of anything we regularly pay for. With a little smart shopping there is a LOT of money to be saved. I'm trying to be smarter, buy less expensive brands and in bulk when it's practical, stock up when things are on sale, shop less expensive grocery stores, and when it comes to fresh ingredients only buying what I know I can use to cut down on waste.

What cost cutting measures are you taking at the grocery store these days? Please do share!

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