30 June 2010

Bonus Project - A New Piece of Art

While working on my pelmet box, I looked at this piece of leftover table runner and this piece of leftover foam core and thought, hmm, I see a coordinating art project there. So I pressed and starched the leftover table runner fabric and sewed a seam down the cut edge. Then I taped up the edges of the foam core with duct tape to smooth it off.

Then I glued it to the foam core in the same way I made the pelmet box. Instant cool piece of art to hang near the vanity just outside of the bathroom. It will be a fun, repeated punch of color to pull the en suite bathroom and the rest of the room together. The man had the idea to trace and enlarge one of the dark navy fish onto fabric or card stock and affix it to the center of the fabric, raised a bit from the surface. I think I'm going to try that. I don't have to make a decision until I have to permanently fasten it on.

And now out of scraps I have the perfect one-of-a-kind art piece to hang at the side of my sink. I'm looking at the other scraps of foam core and fabric I have and my creative muscles are starting to twitch. The possibilities are endless! Skinny strip of wall in the front entryway, here I come with three little pieces of foam core...I'm thinking leather or suede maybe...mmm..mmm....I love a great surprise bonus project!

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