03 August 2010

Women, Food and God - Thoughts and Inspirations

I started listening Geneen Roth's Women, God and Food on CD in my car the past couple of weeks. I've had a few longer drives to take so it's been interesting to hear my way through this book. I have found some of the book a little too strong in it's language and some of the example stories are about people who are suffering at a depth I can't really relate to. But overall I have found it an excellent tutorial on moving forward in one's life. Roth has some very valuable teachings and they apply to everyone, not just women, not just people with eating problems.

One of the things she has said that has really struck me is that all our emotional fears relate to situations in the past where we felt helpless or powerless in the situation. We are no longer helpless, but still act out of those behaviors in current situations. We look through a child's eyes rather than through our adult eyes. Unless we recognize this, we are stuck, unable to move forward.

You can get a download of the first chapter of this book here, She also has lots of great stuff on Oprah.com. There are quite a few video clips on her web site and at the Oprah site.

We all have little rough edges we need to buff off. Sometimes it's helpful to get a little guidance and have someone else shed some light to help us recognize them and see our way through them. Geneen Roth has definitely helped me break down a few subconscious walls I've created for myself throughout life. Check her out and you might learn something that will make life easier for you today and bring you more peace.

Also, today while I was on deadline to finish a big project that has taken a great deal of time and creative energy, I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer PBS Program on The Power of Intention. A friend of mine gave me that book a few years ago and I learned a lot. It taught me to clear my head and focus my thoughts and energy. It's an inspiring read.

I call The Secret the high school version of The Power of Intention, it's accessible to almost everyone. But The Power of Intention is a process and journey you must grow into as you go, the college version of The Secret. The PBS program will air a few times this month in my area and probably yours. Check it out, check out the book or CD version.

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