11 August 2010

Stephmodo Does It Again - Christmas Plan Now

The lovely Stephmodo has done it again. She's inspired the socks off of me, reminding me that now would be the time to get together a plan for the holiday season. If I want to make Christmas Cards, now's the time to do it, not after Thanksgiving. Read all her great advice here.

Making a plan now, allows me to get everything I need done early and to really enjoy the holidays. Any time I have done this I have really enjoyed and made the most of the holiday season. I'd much rather be going to parties and community concerts and programs than staying up late trying to complete gifts I wanted to make or having to let go of dreams of so many homemade projects.

I am making a plan now. I am going to start making things. I am going to enjoy the holidays this year.
 Merry Christmas!

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1 comment:

knack said...

i totally feel the same way! every year that i do things ahead...it is always mucho better! thanks for the push!


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