15 August 2010

Fast Fall Fashion Flare Week

Fall is just around the corner. In some parts of the West summer in just beginning to appear, but on the East Coast many can't wait for stifling heat and humidity to transform into gorgeous Autumn days. Each day this week I am going to share one easy tip to upgrade your personal style this fall. These are all things you can do in a few minutes that really make the difference between looking dressed and looking really sharp. Attention to small details say a lot about you to everyone you cross paths with.

Day 1 Take Care of Your Shoes
First, buy high quality shoes. You can find an excellent variety of quality shoes in a wide range of prices. Be very choosy about how well shoes fit. You'll pay for it later if you don't treat your feet well. Don't wear poor quality, impractical or worn out shoes that destroy your feet, your posture and your appearance.

Take the time to inspect your fall and winter shoes. Shine them regularly. You can go the full shoe shine kit route or just buy a quick clear sponge shiner for quick and easy regular buff ups. Treat them with leather or suede protector if necessary. Get heels repaired if needed and consider resoling shoes if damaged.

A few minutes of regular care should keep your quality shoes looking great and increase their lifespan. The quality of your shoes say a lot about you. You teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself. Show people you care enough to care for you and they'll good care of you too.Taking care of your feet, your footwear and other little details in your life are quick and easy ways to tells others you've got your stuff together and they can expect good things from you.

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