24 August 2010

Succulent Success in Hot Summer Gardens

I was so impressed with the gardens in Old Town San Diego. Because it was such a hot day, it really struck me how perfect the desert plants were for the climate and how beautiful and interesting they were in so many different presentations. Here are a few of my favorites.

Love the colorful terra cotta pot alongside the rustic wood trunk pot and the variety of plant shapes, sizes and colors brought together. These desert plants look great in gardens, planters, wall hanging, or in pots on table tops.

I guess I just haven't been paying attention because I don't really remember seeing these before, but they are definitely a new favorite. Love the succulent green looking like a giant, beautiful flower. These were everywhere and I realized I need to dedicate some time to learning more about the desert plant varieties.

Okay, it took longer than expected to learn that these are Aeonmiums. I like the simple pots hanging on the wall.

Loved this composition of shapes, heights, and tones in a collection of complimentary pots gathered together. Looked so great tucked alongside a path. Again, I love the Aeoniums.

Tile and painted pottery go so smashingly with silvery green, dark green and red desert plants. Great in a little nook overflowing with succulents.

I liked the vertical layering here. The plants are amazing, colors warm and charming. So perfect for a hot summer garden.

Loved this old keg turned planter. A great way to breakup a bed of dry soil and create more visual interest.

Looking across the restaurants and shops the layering of plants was so beautiful and so smartly arranged with a variety of plants: broad leaves, prickly points, lush petals, at varying heights, in an assortment of different planters.

I gained a whole new appreciation for desert gardening and learned to love some new varieties of succulents. The gathering and arranging of these lovely plants is a whole new art form to learn.

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