27 August 2010

What's In Your Makeup Bag - Tifani

Today is our second What's In Your Makeup Bag featuring lovely friend Tifani.

Picture #1 is the makeup I use daily, and the fantastic brush set I got from Arbonne makeup.  They are full size brushes, include everything necessary, but fold up for convenient travel.  And, you can see the day to day makeup I use.  The essentials.... I totally agree on the eyelash curler.

The second picture is the tons of makeup I have under my sink that is brought out for fun and special occasions!  Way too much makeup!

Thanks Tifani! I love your sense of organization and simplicity. And I know that all that "fun" makeup, based on what I know of your social circle and calendar, gets used plenty often for all manner of adventures. You do live in Vegas, Party City USA, after all!
Tifani was the first to send in her photos and has won prizes! They are on their way, Tifani! Send in your photos of What's In Your Makeup Bag and you could be featured here too! We'd love to see what you're using, loving and can't live without! For more details click here.


Anonymous said...

wow, can you say "high maint"?

kalanicut said...

Might I guess that Anonymous may be someone who knows T? ;)

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