24 August 2010

The Urban Seed - A Most Gorgeously Curated Shop

Tucked away behind restaurants and shops in Old Town San Diego is one of the most beautifully curated shops I have come across, The Urban Seed.

From the front entry through every corner it is richly furnished with decor for home and garden.

There were gorgeous ferns and succulents, beautiful baskets and rustic wire cages and lanterns.

Gorgeous wood cabinets, chairs, boxes and tables. Ceramic pieces from small bowls to large jugs.

Gorgeous deep reds, blues, greens, browns surrounded by clean whites, grays and beiges on shelves, tables and bookcases.

I could've stayed in this shop and wandered for a long, long time. I realize now that I was so busy taking it all it and appreciating it that I didn't even pick up one item for a more serious look. The next time I am in the neighborhood, I am definitely going to do a more in depth shop in this delicious shop.

Next time you're in San Diego, drop by Old Town San Diego's most beautifully designed shop, The Urban Seed.

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