13 August 2010

Undergarment Chat Part Two

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Step One: Review your undergarment drawers

Step Two: Ask yourself the following questions
1) If a handsome firefighter were required to cut your clothing off to treat you in an accident, would you be more worried about the ugly old underwear you were wearing than your injuries?

2) If you went shopping with your girlfriends would you be mortified when one walked in on you half-dressed unexpectedly? Would she be forever traumatized?

3) If there was an emergency of some kind and you were forced to leave your house quickly at night, would your pajamas be something you'd want to be wearing in a crowd?

4) Do your undergarments help you look even better in your clothes?

5) When you wear form fitting knits do you wear a slip so that your cheeks don't hug and grab the fabric with every step?

6) Is the elastic shot in your slip so that it drops to your ankles every time you stand up?

7) Do you wear a shaper with form fitting clothes to give you a high, tight behind and help you look 10 pounds lighter?

8) Are you delicate whites more like damaged beiges, pinks or browns?

9) Last Question: Is is time to update your undergarment drawer?

I'm guessing we ALL have a few items that could be put to rest. Don't wait until that mortifyingly embarrassing moment to wish you'd spent $20 on some new undies or pjs. Toss out the torn, shapeless, frayed and discolored and be the woman you want to be from the skin up.

Having said this, please know that I recently purchased a new camisole, shapers, undershirt and bras. Still need to say goodbye to a few items and find a new white slip.

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