19 August 2010

Fast Fall Fashion Flare Week - Day Four

Another Fast Fall Fashion Flare tip - Day Four:

Take some time to spot treat and deep soak your light colors when needed. Despite our best efforts to pre-treat stains sometimes they still come through the washing machine. Check through your lighter colored clothing and especially whites and spot treat those little stains with some more intensive treatment. This week I found 4 of the Little Bug's white shirts had fairly tragic stains on them: orange juice and who knows what all the rest of that was.

There are a lot of great stain remover products out there. The one I have found most versatile is OxiClean. A little OxiClean powder mixed into a paste with water put right on the spots with plenty of water got out most of the stains within an hour or so. The orange juice took a few hours longer but all four shirts look good as new now.

My next task is going to be to deep soak all my white cotton blouses in the tub with OxiClean and water overnight. I have a feeling they will look as shiny and new as the day I bought them. They don't look like that right now. 

Yet again, a few minutes of extra care can lengthen the life of your clothing and in this case give it a good as new shine. 

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