26 August 2010

The Best of CCP

I decided to share with you some of the best of Christy Cropper Photography today. Christy has had a busy summer and has really put her heart and soul into her photography work. She's attended a lot of great  photography workshops, make some great new connections and is excitedly meeting with new clients all the time. Here are a few of my favorites.

The photo above should be titled, Trouble with a Capital T. Anyone who knows this pretty model knows she's a handful....am I right?! She's total girl and one tough cookie too. Not only can she handcuff and arrest you, but you'll get a lovely motivational speech along with it...am I right?

This could be called Trouble with a Little T (as in TEEN!) I think she's related to the model above, which worries me. Haa-haa. She's a beauty!

The Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas, NV. Great composition photo! Love the b & w!

Christy does lots of family sessions. This one was a favorite. And living in one of the wedding capitals of the world, she does weddings too.

She also does a cool regular feature on her blog called Tourist in My Own Town. She has some amazing shots from a very photo interesting city!

I love these photos of one very awesome firefighter, who just happens to have amazing arms, circa Madonna 1995!

So if you need a great photographer in NV, CA or UT get in touch with CCP. Her prices are great and she's flexible and more than willing work with you to get the shots you really want.

I worked with her on some of her marketing and the most descriptive and unique thing we could say about Christy is that she makes everything fun, even photo shoots...and seriously they are never that fun. If she can make standing around to have your picture taken at your cousin's wedding entertaining, she's got serious talents!

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