10 August 2010

Comfortable In Her Skin

I saw this woman, working at The Grove today. I fell in love with her style and how comfortable she looked in it. Loved the washed cotton blouse she was wearing, the faded wide leg jeans and red leather shoes. Hair in a soft bun, her scarf so effortlessly tossed around her neck. Her gold bracelets complimented it all.

The thing I loved best was how comfortable she looked in her skin, in her own one-of-a-kind look. There was some magic in the way she wore it, the way she flowed. I was charmed and envious. I couldn't stop looking at her and watching her work, interact with shoppers and confidently make recommendations to them.

It made me conscious our how I feel in my own skin, How authentic I feel in what I wardrobe myself in. How I grace my life. I imagine my life as a circle I'm trying to keep revolving as a circle. But depending on what happens in life, the circle is not totally round in all areas.

Time management in under control then gets out of whack when something in life changes. Fitness, home organization and laundry go out the window when you start a new job. You lock yourself away and avoid your social life after a heartbreak. Taking care of yourself slips when there are toddlers in the house and dishes to do.

I know life will probably never be that perfect circle, but attention to maintaining balance is critical to our well-being. I'm thinking about areas of my circle I have let slip and appreciating the areas I can say look pretty now.

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