17 August 2010

The Internet Magic 8 Ball

We've had the old World Wide Web around for a while and while we are now able to communicate with friends and family via email, FB, Twitter, etc., watch streaming video from sights around the world, tell the world what we're up to minute-by-minute and skype with people in foreign countries for free, sometimes I forget what a simple and easy tool the Internet is.

Last weekend I was while trying to solve an iTunes issues for a pest (aka loved one) who shall remain nameless (you know who you are ). After hearing about these problems for some weeks, I realized this was a problem that wasn't going away until I solved it.

After some investigation and having no success, it finally dawned on me that I should do a search for "lost songs on my iTunes" and see what comes up. Within 5 minutes I had read up, performed a search and found out that just like people on the internet, these files had been moved to another folder where we would've never found them without a little guidance. They're back and all is well with the world.

If there is some problem that is frustrating you, there are others in the same boat and you can probably find a quick and easy solution on the internet. You can find directions to anywhere on earth, recipes for anything you want to make, instructions on how to do just about anything you dream of learning.

The internet is my go to for recipes, tech help, medical questions that don't require immediate medical assistance, gardening questions, emergency preparedness, inspiring quotes, organization tips, small repair issues, and to find out how old Michelle Pfeiffer is - which I had to look up just yesterday. She's 52, btw. And her first husband was Peter Horton, from thirtysomething, which I didn't know either.

There are so many big, amazing things you can do on the internet these days, but sometimes I forget that it's also a fantastic, gigantic encyclopedia of little bits of information to make my every day a little easier.

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